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Hornady RAPiD Safe Compact Ready Vault

In this article, Justin Opinion reviews the Hornady RAPiD Safe Compact Ready Vault. The RAPiD Safe was provided to the author for review.

Can you ever have too many guns? If you answered anything but “no” to this, we need to have a serious talk. But of course, with more guns in the collection comes the need for more gun storage. Huge refrigerator-size safes are great — if you have the budget and the space and several body-builder friends to help you get in set in place. Not everyone can choose that solution for a number of reasons. And even when you do have the ginormous safe, you’ll eventually either outgrow it or need an annex storage solution elsewhere. This is where the Hornady RAPiD Safe product line shines. Available from single handgun secure boxes to large, multi-gun vaults — they offer an affordable and tech-savvy way to secure your firearms almost anywhere.

And there are more reasons to have multiple secure storage solutions in place. One primary reason is availability. If you have a large gun safe in the garage or basement, it doesn’t do you much good when you hear the glass break at 2 AM. The more I consider home defense scenarios, the more convinced I am that multiple options in multiple locations is the wise move.

The Solution

For reasons noted above, the Hornady RAPiD Safe family of products really shines. More specifically, the Compact Ready Vault with Wi-Fi. This upright unit is designed to store multiple long guns, multiple handguns, or a combination of both. Its compact size allows it to be located in places that are convenient to access, yet inconspicuous. And, at just under 80 lbs. — it is easy to move as needed. Its footprint is 10” x 10” square and it stands just over 52” tall. There are even pre-drilled mounting holes on the back so that it can be fastened to a wall stud for extra security and stability.

The Compact Ready Vault is constructed of steel with a nice painted finish that won’t show marks and prints. The door is secured with a full-length piano hinge that is also adorned in the same finish and is nearly invisible. The locking lugs — of which there are five — are hardened steel. It is built to specifications that exceed safe storage standards set forth by ASTM, and is approved by California for firearm storage.

How It Works

The Hornady RAPiD Safe system offers you several convenient yet secure ways to access your vault. For starters, there are two barrel keys supplied with your unit, which you’ll use for initial access and want to keep handy while you set up the vault. It is highly recommended that these keys later be stored in another safe location, as a backup access method.

Other than the keys, the safe is accessed via a motorized locking system driven by an electronic security system. That system can use any of a combination of entry options from a programmed combination via the external keypad to several RFID devices included by Hornady. RFID is radio-frequency identification, a system that automatically identifies tags for tracking, or in this case, access to secured contents.

Whether you use a combination or RFID device, each access method must be programmed by the user. The system can store up to five tags in addition to a programmed combination. These include the watch band tag, two stick-on tags, and a keychain tag.

Setting up the RFID tags to be recognized by your vault is a very simple process. You push a “program” button on the panel located on the inner side of the door, hold your tag near the big “H” on the outer access panel until you hear a pair of beeps. That’s it!

I have had a Hornady RAPiD Safe of another style for several years, and have worn the RFID watchband tag for as long. It was a cinch to set it up for the Compact Ready Vault, and now my tag opens both. This is the beauty of the Hornady system, relating back to my earlier point about several storage devices in different locations. You can use a single RFID to access them all. Of course, you are not limited to a single RFID tag, which allows multiple methods or multiple authorized users.

The vault comes with an AC power supply to provide constant power to the system, along with a battery compartment in the door panel for backup in the event of a power loss. The Wi-Fi option lets you configure the Hornady Security App (a free download) to notify you when the vault has been accessed.

Organization and Storage

Hornady Ready Vaults use a trademarked system called SQUARE-LOK as the empty canvas on which you paint your ideal storage picture. Several mounting tools and accessories are available for the system, from shelves and lights to handgun and rifle hangers and racks.

This was my first exposure to the SQUARE-LOK system, and I’m a big fan. Installing the mounting points or accessories is a simple thing to do, but they are rock-solid when locked into the all-steel inner panels. The square holes are located on the interior rear wall and run in even and close rows. This maximizes your options and lets you find the ‘just right’ spot for everything. Change your mind later? In seconds you can re-configure the space to suit.

The gun racks are made of very heavy gauge steel rod that is thickly coated with black PVC. This provides strength for anything you need to hang, and gentle protection for your gun’s finish. One rifle rack that is capable of accommodating four guns is included, along with a steel shelf and two double-handgun racks. The latter are available in widths of 2, 4, or 6 handgun size. According to my measurements, the 4-handgun rack would be a bit too wide to fit in the Compact Ready Vault, and a 3-gun option doesn’t currently exist, but would be ideal. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for that future option!

The vault also comes equipped with a pad for the bottom so that your long guns are not resting on hard, slippery steel. A nice touch. At just over $500, the Compact Ready Vault offers versatile firearms storage that combines peace of mind with immediate access without breaking the bank.

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