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First Look: New Model 2020 Rimfire Target Color Variants

I get it. Center-fire rifles are cool. Being able to take down large game on the hunt or reaching out to truly long distances with your rifle has obvious appeal. But what about simply shooting for fun? Or, getting some range time in without having to spend a ton of money on ammunition?

It is here that the .22 LR rimfire rifle shines. With very affordable ammo and low recoil, a rimfire rifle is just about ideal for this role. But affordable shooting does not mean you have to have a “cheap” rifle. In fact, Springfield Armory launched a great solution for those looking for a high-quality rimfire rifle family in 2023 with its Model 2020 Rimfire.

At launch, the Model 2020 Rimfire family was made up of six options, ranging from two synthetic-stocked Target models to Classic models with beautiful wooden stocks offered in a range of four different grades. The two Target models offered at the debut featured either an all-black stock or a sage with black webbing stock.

I had the opportunity to try out the new rimfire models at their launch, and I can honestly say they both performed and looked amazing. And now, Springfield has offered us two new variants of the Target model to add to the list.

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Standing Out

Enter two new Model 2020 Rimfire Target rifles, in Coyote with black webbing and OD Green with black webbing — each with an MSRP of $499. These are the same high-quality, well-made .22-cal. rifles you’ve come to love, now with new color options.

For anyone who has followed my writing here at The Armory Life, you know I am going to lean toward the tan option. I just can’t get enough of this color. Having spent 32 years of my life in the American Southwest, I guess it’s just ingrained in me to love this color.

In my opinion, the new Coyote and OD Green colors bring a bit more personality to the Rimfire line-up. Whether you’re setting this rifle up for hunting or range-time recreation, you will find a color here fitting for most any terrain you might encounter. Within both colors, you will find attractive “flecks” and “bands” of black webbing, much like is on the original Sage Target model.

Bolt action rifles hold a special place in my heart. The manual cycling of the action, the extreme potential for precision accuracy and the demand to wring out the most performance — and not allow the “human element” to negatively impact the results on target — add up to create a thrilling experience at the range. The feeling of shooting an incredibly tight group is exhilarating, affirming and confidence-inspiring.

That’s where I think the Model 2020 Rimfire Target fits best for me. As we all know, ammunition can be extremely expensive for precision match ammo. Sadly, this can keep us from doing the training or competition we desire. Unless, of course, we have a precision-style rifle that we can practice with for a fraction of the cost. With this .22 rimfire, you can dial in your form, breathing control, trigger press, positional shooting, etc.

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Model 2020 Rimfire Target Coyote Specifications

  • BARREL: 20”
  • WEIGHT: 7 lbs., 7 oz.
  • SIGHTS: N/A, Picatinny rail
  • STOCK: Coyote w/ black webbing, polymer
  • ACTION: Bolt-action
  • FINISH: Black
  • CAPACITY: 10 (one magazine included)
  • MSRP: $499

Model 2020 Rimfire Target OD Green Specifications

  • BARREL: 20”
  • WEIGHT: 7 lbs., 7 oz.
  • SIGHTS: N/A, Picatinny rail
  • STOCK: OD Green w/ black webbing, polymer
  • ACTION: Bolt-action
  • FINISH: Black
  • CAPACITY: 10 (one magazine included)
  • MSRP: $499

The Details

The Model 2020 Rimfire Target features a 20” heavy barrel with a straight-taper contour as well as a ½-28 threaded muzzle with an included thread protector cap. The barrel is matte blued and features a 1:16” twist. The full length of the barrel is free-floated to ensure maximum accuracy.

The action features dual cocking cams for fast and smooth cycling of the 4140-steel chromed bolt. The 60-degree bolt throw ensures quick and easy operation for any shooter. Additionally, the bolt handle knob is threaded for easy replacement with another of your preference should you so choose. For mounting optics, the Model 2020 Rimfire includes an interrupted Picatinny rail.

Each Model 2020 Rimfire ships with a .22-cal. rotary magazine crafted from a durable polymer material. The magazine holds 10 rounds and is easy to load. The magazine is cross-compatible with commonly available Ruger® 10/22® pattern magazines of the same capacity.

For comfort, the Model 2020 Rimfire features a rubber recoil pad. While recoil is virtually nonexistent on these rifles, the pad still allows for enhanced comfort while shooting. The length of pull on the stock is 13.45”.

One of my favorite aspects of the Springfield Armory 2020 Rimfire review is the Model 700 pattern trigger. This trigger is optimized for the .22-cal. action and is factory set at 4.5 lbs. However, the trigger is adjustable, allowing you to tune it to your preference. For me personally, the 4.5-lb. stock tune is a bit too heavy for precision shooting, but as an all-around rifle that may see new shooter use, I think it’s a great place to have it set right out of the box. Also, since it’s in the Model 700 pattern, you can swap out the trigger for one of your preference if you so choose.


The Model 2020 Rimfire Target in my experience is exceptionally accurate and easy to use right out of the box, especially for a sub-$500 dollar rifle. For my tan variant I tested, I utilized a Magpul MOE Bipod attached to the swing swivel mount, and mounted a Leupold VX-Freedom 3-9×40 Rimfire scope on the Picatinny rail. These additions make this a very versatile rifle capable of great accuracy, easy handling and hours of fun and training on the range or in the backcountry.

During my range session shooting Remington 40-gr. Target ammo, I wanted to see what this rifle and ammo were shooting as far as muzzle velocity was concerned. I set up my Garmin Xero C1 Pro chronograph and got to work. [Catch the Hunt Fish Shoot article: Garmin Xero C1 Pro Chronograph review.] On the box, Remington claims a muzzle velocity of 1,150 feet per second (fps) from the 40-gr. projectiles. Out of 12 shots out of the 20” barrel, my average fps was 1106.3.

For accuracy, Springfield guarantees 1” or less at 50 yards with their Model 2020 Rimfire rifles. During my testing of this rifle at 50 yards, I achieved a best three-shot group of 0.8”. The Magpul MOE Bipod, Leupold optic and rear bag made shooting the rimfire a breeze.

With a near lack of recoil, you can keep your optic on the target and identify your shots immediately. It’s also very easy to identify if and when you pull a shot, or if your position behind the rifle was less than desirable for precision. Shooting the Model 2020 Rimfire really allows you to dial in the finer details that allow you to be a better shooter.

Training with the Model 2020 Rimfire makes gaining the skills you need so much easier. Getting access to a 50-yd. range is generally easier than 100 yards and beyond. Also, the ammo is far cheaper and your optic doesn’t need to have a wide range to see the target with ease. The Leupold 3-9×40 featured more than enough zoom range to quickly determine where I was impacting the target.


Shooting the Model 2020 Rimfire will feel quite familiar to shooting its larger brother, the Waypoint 2020 series. However, it will be with a shorter bolt throw, shorter travel and, obviously, much less recoil. This platform excels at training new shooters since it’s a bolt-action. Additionally, it’s a fantastic trainer for seasoned or newer precision shooters, but for a fraction of the cost. If you own a .22-cal. suppressor, the experience is that much greater. [Ed. note: If you are looking for a can, check out our Jessie’s Girl suppressor review.]

The new OD Green or Coyote color options are rich and beautiful, complementing the black action and barrel. You won’t be looking to swap out these stocks anytime soon, I suspect. In the .22-cal. rifle market, I believe the Model 2020 Rimfire is a solid option for reliability, accuracy and style.

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