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Customize Your Echelon with Tyrant CNC Parts

Many of us out there like to tinker, customize and personalize the fit and function of our handguns. Today, we are going to go over some new parts from Tyrant CNC for the Springfield Armory Echelon that will help us do exactly that, whether it is to add performance, capacity or color.

Now, even though the Echelon is feature-packed from the factory with options like fully ambidextrous controls, the Variable Interface System that allows direct slide-to-optic mounting, a Central Operating Group chassis design, and all of the other options packed into this pistol. I knew it wasn’t going to be long before the aftermarket started to respond to this exceptional pistol.

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One of those companies that has responded is Tyrant CNC. Today we are testing out their new magazine release and magazine extensions for the echelon. The magazine extension is a +5 design and will come with an increased power spring. To go with those magazine extensions, we have a new single-sided magazine release with aggressive grip texture machined into it. And as you can see, there are various color options available.

Getting Started

Let’s talk about the installation and testing process.

First, installation is extremely easy when it comes to these magazine extensions. That is because Tyrant has a detent system that allows you to just slide the baseplate over the lips of the magazine body and the detent pops up. This small detent retains the extension by use of the factory magazine lip and yes, it’s really just that easy.

Once you have the magazine extension on and have given it a quick push back and forth to ensure the detent is locked into place, it’s time to test load it to max capacity. This loading procedure will ensure your spring isn’t hung up and the follower is moving freely. Now it’s time to get out on the range and enjoy that +5 capacity increase.

Range Testing the Customized Echelon

For range testing, not only did I fire plenty of rounds to ensure reliable feeding, but I also did plenty of drop-testing and magazine exchanges to ensure fit, function and durability.

I did batches of emergency reload drills dropping the magazine from chest height onto the ground. I am 6 foot 4 inches tall, so that was a pretty solid drop each time. I did this to specifically test the durability of the detent retaining mechanism. I think we all know the solid block of aluminum isn’t going to break apart, so my focus was on the magazine lip to detent fit and to ensure no failures. There were not.

I also did batches of tactical exchanges and slide lock testing to ensure the magazines were fitting appropriately, dropping free appropriately and that the springs were strong enough to work the magazine follower when empty to achieve slide lock. All of this testing went 100% reliably, both in function and fit of the magazine extensions.

As for the magazine release, since it was in the pistol the entire time I was testing the magazine extensions, it was like a two-for-one test. There were no issues such as hang-ups or drag on the magazines, whether they were full or empty. Loaded and unloaded, the magazines dropped free and locked into the magazine well without issue.

The magazine release installation is again very easy. It does require driving out the single retaining pin, which can be done in a pinch with a large paper clip if needed. Again, this was very easy due to the Echelon’s magazine release design. You remove the pin, slide out the old magazine release, slide in the new one and replace the pin ensuring it’s flush.

Why Upgrade the Magazine Parts?

Starting with the 17-4 steel Echelon extended magazine release, one might question why would you want to go with a single-sided release over the factory ambidextrous model. Some people just prefer a single-sided release maybe due to grip style, holster concerns or any number of reasons.

The Tyrant part is also slightly extended, which makes it a bit easier to activate and, of course, it looks pretty cool. By the way, it is optimized to fit the small and medium grip modules.

On to the magazine extension. Besides the obvious here that it gives you five more rounds over the factory flush-fit 17-round magazine, it also has some functionality built into its design. The Tyrant extension is made of 6061 aluminum to offer a balance of strength and weight. It is finished off in a hardcoat anodized process in black, silver or gold at this time.

The edges of the Tyrant basepad have been smoothed and chamfer cut to ensure a snag-free design. And, of course, that slight addition of weight will help the magazine drop free a bit faster.

Cost of Upgrades with Tyrant CNC Parts

Since we all know there is no such thing as a free lunch, what do we have to pay to play when it comes to the magazine release and extensions from Tyrant CNC? The magazine release is $32.95 MSRP, and the magazine extensions are $39.95 MSRP.

If you are looking to customize your Echelon to suit your needs and add some capacity, make sure you check out the Tyrant CNC options available for your Springfield Echelon today.

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