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First Look: Real Avid Speed Stand

Real Avid has launched another firearm smithing and maintenance-related product, the new portable and compact Real Avid Speed Stand. The Speed Stand is designed to safely cradle all types of long guns so that they can be worked on, no matter if it’s at home, on the bench at the shooting range or inside the garage or workshop.  

Even though the Speed Stand is designed to be used anywhere, it’s also built to be sturdy enough to get almost any work done on a firearm. The Speed Stand is built around a pair of V-shaped stands with grippy rubber inserts that slide down a parallel tubular assembly in order for end users to adjust the length of the stand relative to the length of the specific long gun being worked on. This feature also makes it handy as it can adapt to almost any long gun, from a modern tactical carbine to a longer sporting shotgun or hunting rifle. In addition to this adaptability, it also makes the stand convenient to stow and store. 

The Speed Stand introduces a new level of efficiency for gun cleaning tasks and is sturdy enough for numerous professional gunsmith or enthusiast projects.

Users will appreciate the two different-angled Gun Grippers, which provide an optimal and secure fit on most stocks, handguards, and barrels.

Real Avid Speed Stand Specifications:

  • Portable and lightweight for easy transport and storage
  • Collapsible design for a small footprint
  • Adjustable feet for a solid foundation on uneven surfaces
  • Gun Gripper technology with form-fitting retention to secure firearm during cleaning and modifications
  • Two different-angled Gun Grippers for optimal secure fit on most stocks, handguards, and barrels
  • Adjustable 10- to 16-inch footprint to fit most rifles and shotguns
  • MSRP: $49.99

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